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Decoder example

We have made an example javascript decoder to help you speed-up the development process. With this example, you can decode all the sensor and location data which is send from the ioTracker.


Your can find the repository of the example decoder on Github.

TTN compatibility

For TTN, decoder_ttn.js is required to be used instead of decoder.js. The reason is that TTN requires an older javascript version.


The Decoder function in the decoder.js is a self contained function, that takes a Buffer as it's input and returns an Object containing the decoded payload.


Make sure you also have all dev-dependencies installed, then run npm test.

Commandline testing

Execute node test.js , e.g., node test.js 17ecfb8b010b1100001d804000430031520f9f680032520b45090034520f9722 to see the parsed result commandline.