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Release notes for ioTracker 3 firmware


How to update

  1. Install the ioTracker Configurator App. Read our Config app introduction page for further guidance.
  2. Login to your ioTracker 3 device. Read our Config app quick start page for further guidance.
  3. Ensure the Wi-Fi configuration matches the Wi-Fi network which is present and accessible. Read our Config app Wi-Fi page for further guidance.
  4. Initiate a firmware update process. Read our Config app firmware update page for further guidance.
  5. Optionally login to your ioTracker 3 again to verify new firmware has been installed successfully.


Be aware that updating your ioTracker 3 will replace your ioTracker 3 factory default configuration, when performing a factory reset. This could be problematic if you are running tailored ioTracker firmware (having non-standard factory default configurations). Please reach out to us via for further guidance.



New features and fixes

  • Added support for US915 frequency (requires US915 optimised hardware version, available in our webshop)
  • Added fast-join functionality (attempts at maximum duty-cycle for one hour after boot)
  • Added Man Down functionality
  • Added pull-cord functionality (pull-cord hardware version only)
  • Added power optimisation for pull-cord functionality
  • Added option to run BLE functionality in background (not added to payload)
  • Migrated to new LoRaWAN stack (now compatible with LoRaWAN specification 1.0.4)
  • Fix in BLE scanning when configured full UUID when more than four beacons were discovered
  • Changed buzzer sequence for pull-cord ioTracker version


  • ST version 1.13 build 146
  • NRF version 1.4 build 1895
  • ESP version 1.0 build 3